Since 1991 Denver Magnetic has been helping Industry, Mining, utility and OEM with their medium and high voltage electrical needs. Denver Magnetic specializes in Oil filled transformers in pad mounted, pole mounted and station class. Voltages from 5 KV to 345 KV and sizes from 15 KVA to 100 MVA. We have a large inventory and if we don't have it we know where to get it. We also have dry type transformers in stock and ready for shipment. If switchgear is the need of the day we also have pad mounted and free standing gear available on a moments notice

We sell NEW, REMANUFACTURED, and RECONDITIONED transformers and switch gear, all of our equipment comes with a 12, 24 or 36 month warranty. Quick lead times are our specialty.

We recently manufactured a 10 MVA station 161 KV primary in 6 weeks! The transformer was on site in 10 weeks and energized!

Some of our clients include:

    Rio Tinto energy
    American Electric Power
    Dolet Hills Mining
    Massey Coal services
    Excel Energy
    United Power Elect Coop
    Pea Body Coal
    Min Wind Energy
    Metal Management
    Westmorland Resources
    Sabine Mining
    Royal Wholesale Supply
    Consolidated Electrical Distributors
    Aleska Resort
    Seaboard Foods
    Rio Grand Railroad
    And Many others

When your transformer needs arise give us a call we can help.

Denver Magnetic

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